Per Visit Charge: 
$50 per Clean
$75 per Drain and Fill

When you just need an occasional clean.
Are you tired of having to get someone from Idaho Falls to service your spa only to find out they never came? Or are you forced to only have your spa cleaned on Fridays since that is the only day the spa guy will be in town?  Forget about that! We are local! We can service your spa when you need it!  If you are renting out your house we can clean on the day the group leaves so the spa will be clean for the next guests.  Or you can arrange for us to clean on the same day every week if you just want to keep  your house open year round.  Either way, we will be dependable and keep your spa maintained!
Monthly Rate:
includes: Weekly clean, drain and fills as needed (included in the price!)

This is for the cabin owner who keeps their hot tub in service year-round
Choose the best option for you!
$75 per fill

For owners who just want their hot tub running while they are there. We clean, fill and balance chemicals.
$75 per drain

When hot tub won't be used for a long period of time. We drain, clean and winterize.

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